8 Useful Items Every Well-Stocked Car Has

Every pet owner has a deep-seeded bond with their animal, and that bond tends to make the owner want to bring the pet around town with them as often as they can. It’s fine to transport a pet in the vehicle, but there are certain key safety points to consider here. Whether the vehicle in question is a Santa Ana Nissan Sentra or an Anaheim Honda Civic, the pet owner and driver is totally responsible for the well-being of the animal while they are in the vehicle. The following are the X rules of having a pet in the vehicle.

Maintain Focus on the Road

As exciting as it is to have “man’s best friend” riding shotgun as one makes their way about town, the most critical thing here is for the driver to maintain their focus on the road - not on the animal - at all times. It’s easy to get distracted by how fun the pet is having in the car, but it’s incredibly important not to. All it takes is a few seconds of unfocused driving for the driver to get him or herself into a serious accident. For the driver’s sake, as well as the pet’s and everyone else’s, serious accidents should be avoided at all costs.

Don’t Leave Pets Trapped in a Hot Car for a Long Time

All Santa Ana residents have come to familiarize themselves with its blaring, unforgiving climate. Simply put, things in Santa Ana tend to get hot, and that certainly includes the interiors of cars. Drivers should imagine how strenuous it is for them to wait in the car for a long time on a hot day, and they should amplify that sense of discomfort when thinking about their pets in a similar situation. Because of the coarseness of a dog’s fur compared to human body hair, dogs heat up and retain heat much quicker than humans, which means they’ll burn out much quicker if left inside the vehicle for too long. If a long lineup at the post office appears to be waiting for the driver, it might be best to leave the pet at home for now.

Crank Those Windows Open

Mainly for the aforementioned reason, drives should have their windows partially open at all times while driving with a pet through Santa Ana. This will provide the pet with the sense of freshness that they need, and it will also allow the pet to have read more the time of their life, driving down the road with their master while sticking their tongue out the window. Driving down the road on a hot Santa Ana day - a pet’s life surely can’t get any better than that.

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